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You might be a PLANNER mom if...Chapter 4

You know you are a PLANNER mom if...

you get excited about your new planner. No like jump up and down, immediately start covering it in stickers, and want everybody to see how new and shiny it is kinda mom. 

you spent 3 hours online picking out the most perfect planner. And 1 hour in store looking.

your children are not allowed to touch your planner. Nor borrow your planner pen...nor your special planner stickers.

you plan out not just your child's school schedule but also your work schedule, your cleaning schedule, your spouse's schedule, your meal schedule, your fitness schedule, your food diary, your prayer list, your project planning. Did I leave anything out? 

your planner has a permanent spot in your purse and/or a special case to carry it in. 

you are always on the hunt for new planner accessories. New dashboards. New post its. New inserts. New pockets. New pen holders. New hourly pages. New blank note paper. New rings.  New stickers. 

Here is a picture of my work space today. Yes, I'm working on the Ikea foot stole with baby girl in my lap. Did I mention she's 11 weeks old today? Well she is.

Happy Planner, baby swing, baby mat, foot stole

My new 2018 planner came in the mail yesterday so I'm getting it ready for the new year as well as updating my 2017 planner for December. Yes, it's the mini Happy Planner. I had the medium size Happy Planner last year and prefer that size but it won't fit into my new diaper bag so the mini it is. Yes, I bought the mini dash boards, the mini hourly sheets, and the mini blank note paper. I love the blank paper for keeping up with prayer requests and running weekly tasks. 

I worked on my calendar today in preparation for returning to work in a week and a half. So much anxiety. Have I written yet that baby girl refuses to take a bottle? I'll right more about this later or maybe do a YouTube video on it. But, I'm going to be taking her to work with me since I am her only food source. It's terrifying. So I'm trying to plan as much as possible to make my future work days more productive. Thankfully, I did a lot of planning through the end of the school year right before I went on maternity leave but there are still holes that need to be filled. I'll figure it out. I'm a mother after all. I'm excellent at productivity and organization. I've got this! *insert confident pep talk  here*


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. " Phillipians 4: 13

We've got this PLANNER moms! We can plan our life to the minute but God is truly the one who gives us the strength we need to follow through and stick with our plans. As a mom of littles, we take each day minute by minute and know that God is right beside us nudging us through the difficult moments. We've got this.

Peace peeps,






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