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About Me


Hello friends! I'm Shawn M Howell,

Curious about what I do?  I am a stay at home mom of two and a Children's Minister of 15 years. I am passionate about bringing families closer together through the lost art of fun and games. I love creating new ways for families, teachers, and church leaders to connect through fun and special celebrations. From DIY party games, party tips, and Zoom games, you're sure to find an idea or two to bring smiles and laughter to those you love.

Called into ministry at the age of 14, I have always had a passion for the Lord and for ministry. Following my graduation from Duke Divinity School with a Masters of Divinity, I enthusiastically began my first job as a Director of Christian Education at a local United Methodist Church. I was so young and so unprepared for the practicality of a ministry job. After 11 years, in Children's Ministry, I still don't have all the answers but I've picked up a few practical things here and there. I found myself filing ideas in file cabinets and on flash drives dreaming of sharing them beyond the local church. 

I LOVE serving my local church, hanging out with other Christian parents, and connecting with fellow Children and Youth Pastors.

  • I have 11 years experience in Children's Ministry in local church settings of various sizes. I've served in small and medium congregations.

  • I have a Masters of Divinity from Duke Divinity School which just means I LOVE reading scripture and dialoguing theology.

  • I have taught various workshops for volunteer and professional leaders on a variety of topics. Such as, volunteer recruitment, basics of children's ministry, prayer practices, and Safe Sanctuary.

Since you've read this far in my bio, we are officially "besties" so you should also know:

  • Yes, I am female. My mother said she loved the name "Shauna" but decided to shorten my name.

  • I am a mix of Irish, European, and 1/32nd Cherokee (according to my mother). But I am the whitest white girl. I recently got 2nd degree sunburns on my legs while wearing 50 SPF tubing down a river with a group of youth at my church. #truestory

  • I am addicted to Chai Tea and drink a minimum of 2 cups a day.

  • I am a Pastor's wife and mother to the BEST SON IN THE WORLD!

  • I binge watch Netflix and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

  • I have served on staff in 4 churches so I know a little bit about church politics, stress, depression, judgment, and the importance of self-care and boundaries.

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