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Fun-Filled Apple Themed Party Games That Will Make You "Fall" In Love

Hi! It's Shawn, your go-to Children's Minister Mentor for all things fun and festive. Today, I'm here to share with you some apple-rific apple themed party games ideas that will make your next apple themed gathering this Fall an absolute barrel of laughs. So hold onto your stems and get ready for a bushel of fun! Trust me, you don't want to miss out on the apple-tastic content I have in store for you. Now, let the games begin!

a pile of Granny Smith green apples

1. Apple Kitchen Spoon Race: Picture this – a relay race with a twist, using big kitchen spoons and apples. Divide your players into teams and set them off on a quest to carry as many apples from point A to point B using only the spoons. Just be careful not to drop those juicy apples, or you'll find yourself back at square one. It's like walking a tightrope, but with fruit. Cue the circus music!

2. Mr. Apple Head: This apple themed party game takes Mr. Potato Head to a whole new level. Each player gets their own apple and a variety of toppings and caramel sauce. Let their creative juices flow as they stick the objects onto the apple to create the ultimate Mr. Apple Head. Who knew apples could get so fancy?

Why did the apple go to school? Because it wanted to be a smart apple!

3. Guess the Apple: Time to put your taste buds to the test. Lay out a cornucopia of apple varieties on a table and give each apple a number. Participants must use their keen observational skills to guess the type of apple based on its appearance. Use your local grocery store or farmer's market, from granny smith to red delicious, the possibilities are as vast as a never-ending orchard. Just don't go too far and start naming them after celebrities – nobody wants a "Beyoncé Apple"!

4. Apple Teeth Relay: We're taking a bite out of competition with this game. Teams are divided, and each member must hold an apple in their mouth and race from point A to point B – hands-free! It's like trying to run a marathon while simultaneously enjoying a mid-race snack. Two minutes is all you've got to see who can munch their way to victory. Who needs fancy sports drinks when you have a crunchy apple?

What did the apple tree say to the farmer? "Stop picking on me!"

5. Apple on a String: Remember the good ol' donut on a string game? Well, we're giving it an apple-y twist. Hang apples from a string attached to a pole. Participants must channel their inner contortionist and use their teeth to grab the apple – strictly no hands allowed. Talk about a bite-sized challenge!

How do you make an apple puff? Chase it around the orchard!

And there you have it, friends – five apple-themed party games that are guaranteed to make your autumn gatherings the apple of everyone's eye. Whether you're laughing at the sight of apples taking flight or channeling your inner Picasso with Mr. Apple Head, these games are sure to bring out the giggles and create lasting memories. Until next time, my fruity friends, keep the laughter rolling and those apple-themed parties poppin'!

Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field of apples!





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