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Phone Tea Party Game for Adults & Teens

Looking for a fun game to play virtually on in person? What’s the tea in your phone? Do you have these things on your phone? Mark off the items you have on your phone and tally up your points. Player with most points wins!

20 points

If you made a call or text before 9AM today.

If you have a picture saved of a clock.

If you answer phone calls by putting phone up to your ear.

If you have the YouTube App.

If you have a picture of family as your screen saver.

10 points

If you have a dentist appointment saved to your calendar this month.

If you have an iPhone.

If you have the Pinterest App.

If you have a picture of your fur baby as the last picture you took on your camera app.

5 points

If you have a contact that begins with X or Z.

If you have a text with the word “party.”

If you have a selfie wearing gold or silver.

If you have a note of your goals for the year.

If you have a photo editing app that isn’t the default app on your phone.

1 point

For every phone call you received today.

If you have an alarm set.

For every social media app on your phone.

For every picture you took of a family member yesterday.

If you have a reminder set for today.

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