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Trinity Object Lessons for Children

Trinity object lessons for children use simple visuals to explain a complex theological topic. Here are 5 objects you can use to teach the Trinity to your children.

Please note that the Trinity is an abstract concept and studies show that most children, prior to adolescence, are unable to think abstractly. So, my advice, is if you must teach the Trinity to children then teach it in a memorable way, have fun explaining it, and don't expect them to understand the concept right away. The Trinity is difficult for most adults to understand and, in all honesty, I'm not sure I completely understand it. It is also important to leave a bit of mystery into this teaching. By mystery, I mean, make sure to explain to kids that we don't fully understand how three persons can also be one person and that's okay because God is mysterious.

What is the definition of the Trinity? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, Trinity is defined as " the Christian Godhead as one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."

1. Fidget Spinner: Each of the three round prongs of the fidget spinner represent Creator God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. The prongs are each their own piece of plastic or metal but together they form a spinning, whirring toy called the Fidget Spinner. God is three distinct persons, like the three prongs, yet only one God like the Fidget Spinner

2. Shamrock: Each of the three leaves of the shamrock represent Creator God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. The leaves are each their own unique self but together they form the beautifully, unique shamrock. God is three distinct persons, like the three leaves of the shamrock, yet only one God exists like the Shamrock in its fullness.

3. H20: H20 is unique in its three separate forms: water, ice, steam. Water is a liquid. Ice is a solid. Steam is a gas. Yet, all three are H20. There is only one God yet three persons each with unique personalities (Creator, Jesus, Holy Spirit).

4. Egg: watch this object lesson here.

5. Apple: watch this object lesson here.

I hope these object lessons help you teach your children this mysterious relationship.




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