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Party Planning Checklist

So you are planning a party and you're not sure where to start? Don't want to forget that one important detail? Want your guests talking about how much fun they had? I've got you covered with this detailed party planning checklist.

1 Month BEFORE your party follow these 10 easy steps

_1. Set your budget. How much do you have to spend? Your budget will determine what you will be able to do at your party.

_2. Pick a date and time. What day and time works best for you and your guests? You want to find what works for your schedule first, then consider the schedule of your guests. Not everyone you want to attend will be available to attend.

_3. Choose your venue. Where will the party be held? At your home? Indoors? Outdoors?

_4. Pick your theme. Every party needs a theme! For kids parties, we've had success with unicorns, thomas the tank engine, preston playz the youtuber. If this party is for a child's birthday, pick a theme they are into at the moment. The theme sets the mood of the party.

_5. Write your guest list. Who do you want to attend your party? Write down everyone's name. The number of guests you intend on inviting will affect how much food you need, the size of the venue, and which activities you will play.

_6. Research the entertainment. Will you have a clown? Disney characters? Magician? Live music? Who will entertain your kids? Games? Crafts?

_7. Create the menu. What kind of food will you serve your guests? drinks? cake? ice cream? Will you cater or make the food yourself?

_8. Research the Games and Crafts. What games will you play? Lots of game ideas on this website as well as on my YouTube channel. Pinterest is excellent for craft ideas. Link your games and crafts to your theme.

_9. Hire the entertainment. Once you have researched the entertainment, go ahead a book it. The earlier you do this, the better.

_10. Create a list of tasks that you can delegate to friends and family. Don't assign tasks to a specific person just yet.

3 Weeks BEFORE Your Party do these 6 Steps

_1. Invitations. How will you invite people to your party? Paper invitation? You can find some find invitation designs on etsy. Email invite?

_2. Supply List. Create your supply list for the activities (games & crafts).

_3. Instructions. Print out the instructions for games and crafts.

_4. Purchase. Buy your supplies (everything but the food) for decor, diy projects, games, crafts, paper products.

_5. Delegate. Delegate tasks from your task list to friends and family. My task list includes: set up, clean up, games, crafts, taking pictures, music, door greeter.

_6. Order the cake.

2 Weeks BEFORE your party do these 3 steps.

_1. Remind. Send a reminder email to those who RSVP'd and contact those who haven't.

_2. Confirm your help.

_3. Confirm the entertainment.

1 Week BEFORE your party do these 3 steps.

_1. Remind. Email all guests who RSVP'd. Tag them in a social media post.

_2. Purchase. Buy the food & confirm the cake.

_3. Prep. Prep the gift bags and any other DIY projects.

The Day of your party.

_1. Decorate the space.

_2. Prep the food.

_3. Read through game & craft instructions.

_4. Pick up the cake and balloons.

_5. Turn on the music.

_6. Open the door and have fun!

The week AFTER your party.

_Thank guests for attending.

_Thank those who helped.





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