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Invite Families to Play Together with these 10 Valentine’s Day Party Games

Valentine’s Day is the perfect celebration for getting families together with some fun games. Playing together relieves stress, encourages laughter, and increases communication. Families can always use more love and fun in their day. Share the fun with your family today!

Invite your family or multiple families together for a fun hour of minute to win it games, snacks, and a mission project. Make sure to set up some simple yet impactful decorations to create a festive mood in your space. Pinks, reds, white, and pastels are the perfect color palette for this party.

Below you’ll find a list of games to play followed by a supply list. If you’d like to watch the games being played you can go to my YouTube channel

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of community project ideas. Working on a project to give to someone else is a great way for families to love others together.


1. Conversation heart chopsticks

How many conversation hearts can you pick up with chopsticks in one minute?

2. Stack ’em Up

How many conversation hearts can you stack one on top of the other in one minute?

3. Straw Stack

How many conversation hearts can you stack on top of a paper straw in one minute?

4. Flick It

How many conversation hearts can you flick with your thumb into a plastic cup in one minute?

5. Love Is In the Air

How fast can you blow one conversation heart across a table? (Not minute to win it. A relay race)

6. Sort It

In one minute, how many conversation hearts can you sort based on color?

7. Valentine Face

In one minute, can you move a conversation heart from your forehead into your mouth using only your face muscles?

8. Cupid’s Arrow

How many cotton tips can you shoot from a paper straw into a bowl in one minute?

9. Arm Candy

How many conversation hearts can you eat off your arm in one minute?

10. Cut Up

How many paper hearts can you cut from a single sheet of red paper in one minute?


Master Supply List

✅ conversation hearts

✅ paper straws

✅ red plastic cups

✅ cotton tips

✅ red construction paper

✅ scissors


5 Community Project Ideas

❤️ Make valentines to give to a nursing home.

❤️ Bake cookies for neighbors.

❤️ Draw hearts on grocery paper bags to give to a food pantry.

❤️ Put together treat bags for local school teachers.

❤️ Make tie fleece scarves and donate to local homeless shelter.

I hope you find the post helpful for your next family gathering! Remember to share the fun.






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