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How to Spark Creativity

Goodmorning! I hope this blog post finds you well today. I've been a bit under the weather and when I'm sick, my creativity is completely blocked and drained out of me.

Below and in today's video are 3 tips for sparking creativity in your life. I've also included a bonus tip at the end of this blog post. If you are creative like me, at times you experience a creative drought. A creative drought is when no new ideas come to you and it's like a block or a wall is up in your imagination. It happens. Below are the 4 things I do to help me get past this drought in order to get my creative spark back and popping. I hope you find one of these tips useful. I'd also love to hear any additional tips you have that work for you.

1. Seek the great outdoors!

There are seasons in my life were my creativity dries up and as a children and youth minister, creativity is a must! The first thing I do is get outside. Depending on how much time I have, I find that taking a walk either around my church building or hiking a trail (I’ve even been know to get a breathe of fresh air in a cemetery) clears my mind. Even a 10 minute walk can help get you out of your head and connect more with your body and emotions.

2. Commit then learn the steps.

When I decided to start my YouTube channel I know absolutely zero about doing it but it sounded fun. I committed to doing it for one month. I started watching YouTube videos on how to do YouTube and step by step my creativity grew. I went into the process of learning with no clear plan in mind but an openness to let the process take me wherever.

3. Find your community.

Creativity is not a solo task as many people believe. The ideas I come up with at church are developed in my community groups of like minded people. Likewise, the videos I do for my YouTube channel are not a solo mission. I spend a lot of time in conversation with other Christian YouTubers who have a passion for this platform. Finding a community that shares your likes and interests is important for cultivating new ideas and creativity. In a community, you become open to new views and new people who can inspire and encourage you.

BONUS TIP: Cut yourself off from technology.

This sounds crazy coming from a YouTuber but it is so helpful in helping me to focus and spark new ideas. With my cell phone in hand, I tend to become numb to everything else happening around me. I get distracted by push notifications, texts, and funny dog memes. I recently left my cellphone in my bedroom to charge and the most amazing thing happened. I felt more connected to my family. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on what was happening in the world, instead I was living in the moment, and it was enjoyable.




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