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How to Grow Gratitude at Home

Gratitude begins in the home. I wholeheartedly believe that kids learn how to be thankful by what they experience and observe at home amongst the people they interact with the most. As Christmas approaches, it is so easy to move into the "I want" mode and skip the "thank you" emoji. Is there even an emoji for thankfulness or saying "thank you" in a text? The praying hands are probably the closest. November seems to me to be one of the most perfect months to focus in on gratitude in our home. As an American, Thanksgiving is the day of the year when we get together with family to be thankful for what we have and for each other.

However, stores, social media, and eager neighbors around us want to rush the onset of Christmas because marketing is a thing and people want to make money. I get it. Did you see that "study" floating around on facebook declaring that those who decorate for Christmas early are likely to be more "happy" than those who don't? I too love (that's a complete under statement) the Christmas season or rather....the Advent season then the Christmas season but that's for another blog post. But there is something to having a month dedicated to gratitude before jumping into the expectation of Christmas.

Here are some meaningful resources to help YOU grow gratitude in your home today. Because beneath all the gift shopping, early decorating, and saving of recipes on Pinterest, you know you want your family to appreciate what they have as well as the people integral to your family.

1) Gratitude Activity PLAYLIST with 9 activities to do with families here. My family and I are currently doing the Thankful Pumpkin activity which currently includes "mac & cheese" and " fortnite." We just can't escape FortNite in our home. In this playlist, you'll watch instuctions for how to create a Thankful Pumpkin for your home as well as 8 other ideas such as a gratitude circle and a thankfulness mirror. Pick one gratitude activity today for your family, do a different one each day, or plan a special activity for Thanksgiving day.

2) Oftentimes we want to share gratitude ideas with others so I've created this pdf booklet that can be shared digitally or printed out. Gratitude Activity FREE pdf download listing 12 activities with complete instructions and supply lists here created by yours truly.

3) Here is a One Minute Gratitude Journal for adults and teens to turn ordinary moments in to blessings. If you want a beautiful journal filled with prompts to inspire you to write this this one is for you...or you can just keep a pretty notebook by your bed and write your blessings in it first thing every morning.

4) This gratitude journal for kids is Super Cute and can be used in a homeschool type setting or as a gift for a young one who loves to write and draw.

I wish you and your family a blessed month of gratitude!



*This post does contain affiliate links meaning I receive a tiny commission if you purchase the item.





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