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4th of July Party Games for Kids

Happy 4th of July, America! Celebrate Independence day in your backyard with these fun party games for all ages. Each game has been tested for maximum "fun-ness" by my very own family. You can also watch us play these games in the video linked at the end of this post.

1. Flip Flop Fling

What's more southern American than a flip flop? How far can you fling your flip flop off your foot? Player with the furtherest shoe wins the game.

2. Red, White, & Blue Paper Plate Toss

Every backyard 4th of July Party uses paper plates, rights? See who can toss their paper plate (without food on it) the fartherest across the yard.

3. Water Balloon Toss

It's hot outside in July! cool off with some water balloon fun. Divide into teams of 2. Toss water balloons and catch in a colander on top of your teammates head.

4. Create the Flag

Put those paper plates to good use by adding some duct tape to the back of your red, white, and blue paper plates. Have a fence nearby or a garage door? Create the American flag with your paper plates.

5. Patriotic Balloon Pop

Put a pice of paper with the words "you win" in one deflated balloon. Blow up balloons and scatter around your party area. Players pop balloons until the "you win" is found. Award a special prize and also pick up all the balloon pieces.

6. Name that "red, white, and blue"

Sit in a circle. First person names something red, second person something white, third person something blue. First time someone can't think of something or repeats they are "out." Last person remaining wins the game.

7. Independence Jar

Place red, white, and blue colored candies in a jar. Set out a pen and paper. Guests that guess closest to how many candies are in the jar, win the jar.


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