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10 Last Minute Party Games for Kids

Your party is tomorrow and you've completely forgotten to plan games. No worries. I've got 10 easy games that you can throw together right now. Watch these games being played in the video at the end of this post.

Last Minute Game #1: Birthday Hat Ring Toss

Cut holes into the center of your paper plates for rings. Place birthday hats on floor. Kids will toss their paper plate rings onto their party hats.

Last Minute Game #2: Piñata Punch

Purchase a premed piñata from Walmart or Target, fill it with candy, place it on the ground. Give each child one chance to jump on the piñata. No dangerous sticks in this game.

Last Minute Game #3: "Birthday" is the Word

Give each child 10 stickers when they arrive at your party. If someone says "birthday," they must give one of their stickers to the person who heard them say the word. The child with the most stickers at the end of the party wins.

Last Minute Game #4: Pass the Cake

This game is similar to Musical Chairs. Place chairs back to back (1for every child). Place a piece of cake (on a plate) on each chair. Kids stand in front of one chair of their choice. When music begins, the children circle the chairs. When the music stops, the chair the child is in front of is the piece of cake they get to eat. Everyone is a winner!

Last Minute Game #5: One Minute Grapes

Give each child a bowl with 10 grapes in water and 1 toothpick. How many grapes can each child pick up, using only the toothpick, in one minute? The child with the most grapes out of the water is the winner.

Last Minute Game #6: Junkyard Car Race

You'll need a random bucket of toy cars for this game. Every child chooses one car from the bucket. 2 children take turns racing their car down ramp. Almost anything can be a ramp: a piece of wood, poster board, piece of gutter, a child's creative with what you have lying around.

Last Minute Game #7: Stuck Together Relay

Divide cups into teams of 2. Prior to the party, glue 2 red cups together (the bottoms of the cups, not the opening of the cups). You'll need 1 set of cups and 2 unsharpened pencils per team. Teams of 2 carry cups from point A to point B using only unsharpened pencils.

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Last Minute Game #8: Straw Balance Relay

You'll need lots of reusable straws for this game. Balance a reusable straw on your index finger horizontally. Relay that straw from point A to point B. Let the kids take home their straw at the end of the party!

Last Minute Game #9: Fishing with Chopsticks

Give each child a bowl filled with water, 3 to 4 ping pong balls, and 1 set of chopsticks. In one minute, who can fish out the most ping pong balls from the bowl using only chopsticks?

Last Minute Game #10: Headbands

Attach a plastic medicine cup to a head band using clear plastic tape. Every child needs one of these special headbands. Give every child a ping pong ball and see who can bounce that ball on the table and into their medicine cup (attached to their head) first.

You're party is going to be a success! Watch us play these games:





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