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10 Epic Superhero Party Game Ideas

Every kid wants to be a superhero. Superhero's have superpowers. And we all know that "with great power comes great responsibility." Any guess which superhero received that advice from his uncle? Superhero's have both weaknesses and strengths. They have a nemesis and sidekicks/friends. I must admit that even I want to be a superhero.

Here are 10 epic superhero party game ideas sure to help your child and her/his friends envision themselves as superhero's on their special day.

1. Supergirl's Test of Strength: Supergirl is known for her super strength. How long can you hold a plate loaded with iron (aluminum foil) balls with an outstretched arm? No cheating! Keep those elbows outstretched and not tucked into your side.

2. Hawkeye Target Practice: Hawkeye uses a bow and arrow to defeat the villains. In this game of target practice, throw lawn darts (like these) at a chalk target drawn on the ground.

3. Black Widow Baton Training: Black Widow's weapon of choice are batons. Knock down plastic cup towers with glow in the dark batons that you can find for cheap at The Dollar Tree.

Watch these 3 games played by my son and I:

4. Wonder Woman Shield Toss: Grab a laundry basket and some paper plates for this game. If you are playing with many children, divide kids into three teams (red, white, blue) and give each team paper plates of their team color. Everybody tosses their Wonderwoman shields (paperplates) into a laundry basket. The team with the most paper plates in the laundry basket in one minute wins the game.

5. Antman Ant Stack: Antman depends on his ants to work together to complete a complex task. In this game, raisins represent ants. How many ants can you stack one on top of the other in one minute?

6. Ironman Relay Race: Ironman gets around the battlefield by flying in his iron suit. In this game, crumple up aluminum foil into balls to create "iron balls." In relay race style, teams will scoop up an iron ball into a plastic cup and race it from point A to point B. Team with the most iron balls wins the game.

Watch my son and I play these 3 games:

7. Thor's Hammer Throw: Arrange plastic cups into a tower and give kids a chance to practice Thor's famous hammer throw. Take turns throwing a foam replica of Thor's hammer to knock down the tower of cups. You'll need a hammer like this one here.

8. Spiderman Web Slinger: Spiderman is famously known for his ability to fling a web to catch the bad guys. Use these sticky hands to catch plastic spiders. Give each child one sticky hand or "web slinger" and let them catch spiders. The child who catches the most in 1 minute wins!

9. Wonderwoman Bracelet Toss: Wonderwoman can deflect bullets with her amazon bracelets. Give children their own bracelets (like these ones here) and let them catch the bad guys (paper party hats placed on the ground) by tossing their bracelets onto the party hats.

10. Hulk Smash: Hulk is best known for smashing...everything. Give your child the ability to smash like the Hulk with these awesome foam Hulk hands. Let kids smash ice cream cones like the Hulk.

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