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You might be a MOM if...Chapter 1

You might be a mom if...

you've been walking around with white baby spit up on your black shirt for at least 4 hours without noticing.

you've changed your baby's clothes three times today, and your own clothes four times due to projectile vomit, poop, or mysterious food stains.

at the end of the night you dump the crumbs out of your bra.

you can't remember the last time you shaved your legs. Or your armpits.

Moana plays constantly on your tv as background're welcome!

you're not sure if you stepped in cat puke, dog vomit, or kid your bare foot.

your most repurchased item on Amazon Prime is alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

you have no clue about Stranger Things because Moana and Power Rangers is on Netflix.

you've had 3 cups of caffeine and it's not enough.

you hide in your closet to eat from that hidden bag of chocolate.

you go on a walk to put your baby to sleep, listen to Jen Hatmaker's podcast, get some fresh air,'s called're welcome

BTW all of the above is just my day, today. Yep. The only thing I accomplished today was keeping everybody alive. I "lost it" at least 3 times. Today was non stop cleaning. Cleaning up projectile vomit from my 10 week old and cleaning up dog poop that my 9 year old son stepped in outside and didn't notice was on his shoe as he walked through our home. Swiffer wet mop is my best friend but today called for Swiffer's friends Shark and Clorox to get the job done.

To all you other mama's out there, keep on keeping on. Take one day at a time. Breathe. Survive. "Lose it" but make sure you ask for forgiveness...even from your child. Give yourself some slack. Success is sometimes achieved if all you did was manage to keep everyone and yourself alive. You are doing a great job!

Matthew 11:28 is speaking to me today: "Come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest." Rest..not sleep. If only we mamas could get the sleep as well as the rest we could feel 100 times better about our day.

It's 8:17pm. Peace out. I'm headed to bed so that I can, maybe, get one hour sleep before my baby wants to nurse.

You might be a mom

if you're in bed by 8:20PM. Make that 8:30PM. I added the picture below. :)

P.S. this was my choice of caffeine today..yum!





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