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What to Pack for a Trip to the Zoo (checklist included)

What should you pack for a trip to the zoo with the kids? I've included my personal packing list for my baby and family for your use in planning your next trip to the zoo!

Wow! It's been March since I wrote a blog post. Should I start this post with apologies? Most of you are moms or parents so ya'll understand life with a 9 month old, yes?

Anyone else LOVE the ZOO??? My favorite animal to view are the Elephants. They are so majestic and graceful despite their bulky appearance. My son's favorite are the meerkats. So adorable! Baby girl just loves people watching. And, my husband's fav are the penguins.

Packing for a day trip to the zoo can be difficult if you're not organized, am I right? Thought I'd share with you my packing list for our day trips to the zoo. Who knows, I might have something on my list that you haven't thought to take that's completely genius!

_Diaper Bag (for what I pack watch the video in this link here)


_mommy hook for the stroller

_Skip Hop Stroller caddy for holding drinks and extra items

_Bug netting for stroller like this one here

_Rain cover for stroller

_muslim blanket

_Hats for all

_Sunscreen, preferably SunBum

_water, water, water!

_Individual hand sanitizer wipes

_Small tissue paper

_Babyganics hand sanitizer

_Sunglasses for all

_Lip balm for all! Click for my favorite.

_zoo membership pass or tickets

_money for a souvenir but we don't do this (ha! I don't buy my kids souvenirs)

_2-3 blister bandaids

_rain ponchos (Dollar Tree kind)

_Coats for everyone if going to be cold

_mini fan if going to be hot (we used to have one that also sprayed water but it broke.)

_Cooler tote bag (for myself, husband, and 10 year old son) filled with:

_paper plates

_cut up fruit in individual containers for each person

_peanut butter/nutella sandwich for each person

_granola bar for each person

_extra water bottle

_crunchy snack (like pirates booty) for each person

_sweet snack (like a cookie) for each person


It is very rare that we actually eat the food at the zoo because it is so overpriced. But, if it's very hot we'll purchase ice cream

Again, if you want to know what I pack in my diaper bag then go watch this short video here.

I hope you found my list helpful. I LOVE making lists and checking items off as I pack.

Will try to blog more often...but no promises! Baby girl is cruising around furniture and has completely skipped the crawling phase so...yeah.



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