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The Easter Bunny is not in the Bible, so Why is He in Your Church?

Good question, right???? Why IS the Easter bunny a part of some church culture and not others? Isn't the bunny pagan? I don't recall the bunny sacrificing his life or showing us, Christians, how to live a better life?

I'm just as guilty as the next parent of purchasing candy and toys and plastic eggs and crap that has nothing to do with Christ for my child. Every year I put out an Easter basket for my son, hide eggs around the house, and spend money on trinkets and yummies for my child to get all excited about the Easter Bunny on Easter Sunday. Really????

I'm just like other parents who know that the Easter Bunny is a ridiculous (although fun) American tradition that just doesn't align with Jesus. I, wholeheartedly, believe and proclaim that Easter Sunday is meant to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and yet have, somehow, been wooed into emphasizing the Bunny over the Son. If I'm honest with myself, I've made a conscious choice over the years to invite the "Bunny" into our home and I don't feel bad about my decision. The death of Christ is just so TVMA with the whole nailing of hands and feet, crown of thorns, whipping, blood....death.I don't talk about torture with my son any other time, why is now appropriate? The Bunny is pink and fluffy and SAFE. Although, who else agrees with me that a person dressed as the Easter Bunny is just creepy. Is it just me?

Here are the FACTS. Easter is a time to celebrate new life which parallels the new life of spring...bunnies, eggs, chicks, green grass, get the picture. In Jesus, we find new life. Jesus shows us how to life a new life...a better life. Bunnies can be traced back to pagan beliefs but today they just symbolize "new life" for Christians. Symbols change. Bunnies and eggs used to symbolize fertility but it today's Christian culture they symbolize new life.

According to the "internets," the Easter Bunny-chocolate bringing, egg hiding character- was brought over to America by German immigrants. So, like many Christian "traditions," we've borrowed from other cultures and practices to get to what we currently celebrate.

The BIG question for YOU is: Does it matter, for you and your family, that the Easter Bunny is not in the Bible? I can't answer this question for you. I'm not going to judge you. You alone decide what is best for your family. If you enjoy the Easter Bunny tradition, keep hiding those eggs. If you'd rather pass on the Bunny, more power to you.

I can only answer this question for my family. We enjoy the magic of the Bunny at home but will continue to emphasize the meaning of Easter as the resurrection of Christ-a Jesus who transforms our daily life by showing us how to live a new life. And how Jesus does that exactly, is a post for another day.

If you are like me and will continue to enjoy the magic of the Bunny alongside the transformation of Christ, here are 10 Christian Easter Basket filler ideas.

If you are, like me, looking to read your child the Easter Story in a more "how does Jesus transform our lives" rather than a "Jesus was tortured to death....blood...torture...TVMA" then check out Glenys Nellist's new book. Oh and you might win a copy of this book for yourself as I have an ongoing contest for this week only!

And just because this post is all about Easter and, let's face it, most of us are still going to have egg are 10 Easter Egg Game ideas.

If you have stuck around this far, 100 Golden Easter Eggs for YOU! But seriously, it's not Easter yet, it's still Lent. So don't be happy meditative, reflective, and prayerful.







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