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The BEST skinny jeans Post Pregnancy

Fitting into jeans after giving birth is a major struggle. But I have found 2 brands of skinny jeans that fit comfortably and look stylish so of course I had to share them with you all!

Qualifications for post-pregnancy skinny jeans:

1. Dark fabric. A dark wash jean just works better for camouflaging post pregnancy body issues, in my opinion. A dark wash looks more professional (if you need jeans for work) and can go with so many different styled tops. You can also dress up or down. A dark wash makes your bottom half appear smaller and I definitely need my stomach and hips to look smaller.

2. Be comfy. I’m talking yoga pants comfortable. I’m talking after Thanksgiving dinner comfortable. I don’t want jeans that are uncomfortable around my midsection, prevent me from playing on the floor with baby girl, or show crack when I bend over.

3. Have a bit of stretch. This goes along with #2. In order to be comfy, my jeans must have a bit of stretch so that I can chase after a toddler at church, eat a bowl of ice cream, and still be able to get that zipper up with comfort.

4. High-waisted. High waisted pants used to be called “Mom jeans” but are now trendy. Yay! A high waisted jean covers and smooths over that post pregnancy tummy that looks like I’m still 3 months pregnant. This type of waist prevents the dreaded muffin top and plumbers crack. You can’t go wrong.

So here are 2 pairs of skinny jeans that fit my post pregnancy “musts.”

1. Gap super high rise 360 stretch

2. Cello high rise deconstructed

Hope these help my post pregnancy mamas out there! What are your post pregnancy jean “musts”?

*I share my favorite products and ideas because I love them! Some of the links are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if folks click through to buy. I use the funds to pay for costs associated with this site which keeps it free from other advertising and allows you these articles to remain free!

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