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Raising Christian Girls Who Are Beautiful

Raising Christian girls who are beautiful within their hearts can be difficult without the presence of Christ. I should know, I am a Christian female and I am raising a girl in the Christian faith.

My Grandma wrote a poem once titled, "Be Yourself." It reads:

It's easy to imitate.

It takes no effort.

It's falsifying what one is not.

It shows sooner or later who one is.

To be one's self shines through

The truth.

It polishes away the tarnish of deceit.

It frees the self to come forth.

To live out what's inside

Hoping to be acceptable.

To have accomplished

The purpose of life.

For which one was created.

~ by Gretchen Corbitt

That last line is the most powerful for young girls, "for which one was created." All girls are created in the image of God. All humans are created in the image of God. Think about that for a moment. Let the words "in the image of God created he, she. Male and female created....and it was good." This jumble of words comes from years of memorizing scripture from the book of Genesis. God created Adam and Eve in God's image and declared his creation "good." Yes, our freckles are not just "good" but "beautiful." Our oddities and peculiarities are more than "good," each is the very image of God!

What must God look like then if we all reflect God's image? Does God even have gender if all gender is the IMAGE of God? Interesting. Thought provoking. I have so many questions.

I want to teach my baby girl that she is beautiful simply because she is who she is. She doesn't need to become someone else she admires or who society admires or who other Christians admire.

I want to help baby girl discover her authentic self because we all lose that beautiful person along the way from birth to adulthood. Some of us reclaim our authenticity in college but others struggle well into adulthood.

I want baby girl to know that she is beautiful both inside and out. My pastor recently preached a sermon on the very topic and, of course, I made a video about it. If you'd like to watch a chatty, GRWM (get ready with me) video where I not only talk more about raising Christian girls who are beautiful but also show you my quick 5 minute make up routine click here.



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