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20 Time Saver Tips

Good morning!

Watch the video above for the first 9 time saver tips. I left one out so the 10th tip is in the description of the YouTube video. Below are 10 more time saving tips!

It is so hard to find more time to do the things you love and spend time with the people you love. I struggle with this on a daily basis. My "word" for 2017 is "NURTURE." These are tips I have found personally time saving and do frequently. I've also included some that I will be trying out this year to "nuture" my relationships with those I love.

Time Saver Tips

11. Schedule date nights with your husband/partner/wife/significant other 6 to 12 months in advance.

12. Order your batteries online. (I like to use Amazon Prime and Zullily Boxed)

13. Untangle necklaces and hang them on hook.

14. Plan your meals a week in advance, post them on your fridge, and shop for the ingredients a week in advance.

15. Use a budgeting software so you know where every penny of your paycheck goes. (I use YNAB)

16. Book your hair appointments for the year.

17. Book your dentist and well check up doctor visits for the year for you and your family.

18. Use a planner and plan your week/ month/ year out right now. ( I use both the family share calendar on my iPhone as well as The Happy Planner)

19. Plan your vacations and family days now! Go ahead and mark them in your planner so that you don't schedule anything else for those days. (I always mark off 2 Saturdays a month as "family days" and they are considered sacred.)

20. Pick out your clothes and makeup the night before. It really does make a huge difference in your morning when everything is ready to go for yourself and your children.

BONUS: Purchase a 365 personal devotional or family devotional and commit to doing a daily devotion. You won't regret starting each day with God!

For family devotional suggestions click HERE.

I hope you find some of these 20 tips useful!




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