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10 Breastfeeding Skin Hydration Tips

My skin is the desert. Seriously. Baby girl (aka vampire child) is sucking the water right out of my body. During pregnancy, my hair was silky and full, my skin was hydrated and plump, and my face almost oily. Post pregnancy with a full-time breast fed baby, I am literally pulling chunks of hair out of my head while brushing. I have flaky, dry patches around my nose and cheeks. I can't seem to drink enough water. And, my skin soaks up lotion like a dry river bed. My husband can attest to me calling out, "Sweetie can you bring me a giant glass of water?" EVERY SINGLE TIME I put my baby to the breast.

Here are my best tips for staying hydrated while breastfeeding. I hope you find at least one that will work for you!

1. Keep water beside the chair you breast feed in. I like to use this Contigo cup from Target.

2. Invest in a moisturizing face lotion. My new favorite is Pure by Dr. Roebuck's. My skin drinks this stuff in and you can apply it morning and night. If you get this moisturizer, note that it does have a thick consistency and, at first, leaves white patches on the skin when you first apply. However, after a minute it soaks into my skin and instantly hydrates.

3. Invest in a hydrating Vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid. I swear by this Mad Hippie Serum. Put it on after washing your face but before your moisturizing lotion and it is magic. Gets rid of pigmentation while locking in moisture.

4. You need an in shower body lotion. You'll thank me for this cocoa butter one by Nivea. Smells so yummy and does the job when you know you don't have time to moisturize your legs after showering.

5. Cleanse your face with an oil. I like this cleansing oil by Burts Bees. Takes off all my makeup as well as cleaning out my pores. Although I do follow up with this hydrating face wash by CeraV.

6. Keep hand lotion everywhere. With a baby, I'm constantly washing and hand sanitizing my hands. I have purse lotion, car lotion, office lotion, bedside table lotion, by the sink lotion. My favorite is Aveeno but any will do! Just apply it often.

7. Speaking of hand sanitizer, you're probably using lots of it, so get one that doesn't dry your hands out. I use this foaming one by Babyganics.

8. Use a hair mask once a week. Okay so now that I have a baby, I only get to wash my hair twice a week. I use a clarifying shampoo to get out all the dry shampoo from the previous day then follow up with a hair mask. I like the Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo and the Klorane Mango Butter Hair mask.

9. When I do moisturize my whole body, outside of the shower, I use either Aveeno or pure almond oil.

10. To firm up my belly and bum, as well as moisturize, I religiously use either Bella B Body Buzz or Brazilian Bum Bum cream. Multitasking at its best!

Hope my hydration tips help you out!

* I share my favorite products and ideas because I love them! Some of the links are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if folks click through to buy. I use the funds to pay for costs associated with this site which keeps it free from other advertising and allows you these articles to remain free!





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