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Nativity Blocks are a fun craft for kids, families, and churches and easy to assemble. They look great on your mantel and add to your homes Christmas decor. They also teach the story of the birth of Christ if used alongside your favorite Christmas story book or New Testament reading. 


Nativity blocks can be used by individual families or as a church-wide project. Instead or alongside an Advent wreath making workshop, include Nativity blocks. 


Nativity blocks make meaningful gifts to family and friends!


This document includes templates for all characters (Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, 1 shepherd, 1 sheep, and 3 wisemen) including a detailed picture of each and a supply list. Cut out the template pieces, trace onto felt, and assemble with glue. 


Supplies needed:

Wooden blocks cut to specific demensions, school or craft glue, felt in a variety of colors, one pipe cleaner, and two or three cotton balls. Supplies are laid out in full on page 2 of this document.


Visit PrayerLights YouTube channel for a video tutorial:


This template was created based on an original design from years past. It is meant to revive the old design from creator unknown and make it accessible again to individuals and faith communities. This template has some changes to the orginal design to make it appealing for today's family.

Nativity Blocks Template

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