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Would you rather dress like an elf for a day or dress like Santa?  In this screen based game, players must choose between two difficult scenarios. Players cannot answer "both" or "neither." Great for 2 or more players. Everyone is a winner in this game.


There are 23 images in all. Share your screen in Zoom, create your own PPT presentation, or create a keynote presentation to challenge older kids and adults.


Play this game for FREE over on my Youtube channel. If you don't mind watching ads, then playing my game via youtube is a great option. If you don't want ads or want to create your own presentation using individual slides, then purchasing this product on my website might be the option for you.  


This download includes:

  • 23 Graphic images (.jpg) 
  • movie file (mp4)


This product is a digital download, which means you will recieve a link to download the zip file after completing the check-out process. Once your money is recieved by paypal, my website immediately emails you the digital download. If you don't see the download, please check your junk or spam folder.

Christmas Would You Rather

  • Thank you for shopping with ShawnMHowell.

    ShawnMHowell does not offer refunds on digital purchases. Refunds will only be issued if there is a technical problem with the file or website that prevents the customer from receiving the digital product. 

    If you have any questions about the product and how to use it in your setting, please email

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