• Shawn Howell

Today is a Day of Celebration!

Goodmorning! Today is a day of celebration! Today is Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday!

What is Mardi Gras? Shrove Tuesday? Fat Tuesday? Mardi Gras is the day before Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday. This year it's from March1-April 16 (Easter) 2017.

Mardi Gras means "Fat Tuesday." Christians also use the term "Shrove Tuesday." This is the day before Lent starts. Since Lent always starts on a Wednesday, the day before is always a Tuesday. And it's called "Fat" or "Great" because it's associated with food and celebration.

In earlier times, people used Lent as a time of fasting and repentance. People would clean out their cabinets of all "indulgent" foods, such as sweets, sugar, yeast, and meat. They used these food items to throw a party or celebration before fasting and repenting. Secular society has picked up this celebration and now, Mardi Gras, is primarily known as a day of wild parties. However, many Christians still honor the spirit of the day through youth group pancake dinners.

I encourage you to support a local church youth group that is having a Pancake dinner tonight! or just go to IHOP!

Check my youtube channel tomorrow as I hope to have an Ash Wednesday video posted. Tomorrow is the first day of the Christian season of Lent!




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