November 9, 2018

Gratitude begins in the home. I wholeheartedly believe that kids learn how to be thankful by what they experience and observe at home amongst the people they interact with the most. As Christmas approaches, it is so easy to move into the "I want" mode and skip the "tha...

September 5, 2018

For this object lesson, you'll need your cell phone. 

Say: Today is a special day. Today is "All Saints Sunday." On this day we remember and recognize all the saints around us. 

Take a selfie of yourself with the children.

Say: Look at the picture of yourself. God loves y...

August 31, 2018

Purchasing a bible for a child can be a daunting task with all the versions available. Here are 4 Bibles I have personally used as a Children's Minister and as a mom.

1. Children of God Storybook Bible by Desmond Tutu. I love this bible because it features a dark skinne...

July 10, 2018

It's easy to imitate. It takes no effort. It's falsifying what one is not. It shows sooner or later who one is...

July 3, 2018

What I look for in a good Christian devotional book as a Christian mom of two kids is, one, no longer than 10 minute length per devotion. This is important because...

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December 21, 2017

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